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Fri, Apr 13, 2020

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May I call your attention to the blog badge in the upper right that says, “Official SOB.” That’s a label I wear with pride. Liz Strauss bestowed that designation on me, and it stands for “Successful and Outstanding Blogger.”

Just below that badge is one that says SOBCon07, and it means that you, too, just might be called an S.O.B. if you get yourself to Chicago next month for what promises to be a dynamite conference on blogging.

Why is this conference different? It’s put on by people who excel at relationship blogging. They understand that it’s not about making the so-called A-List or learning how to put more bells and whistles on your blog. It’s about the personal and professional connections made through blogging. Rather than telling you all about it, I’ll just post this link and hush.

I had hoped to be at SOBCon07 myself, but with making the transition back to freelancing, and with the IRS taking their usual pound of flesh on April 15 … well, Chicago is not in my travel budget right now.

But if you can swing it, I encourage you to register. SOBCon07 will be one of those rare opportunities to get to know the people you read or hear or see online, and to learn things you’ll put to use in your business.

UPDATE: I’ll be going to SOBCon07 after all (see this). Look for me there!
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