NBC Cameraman Gives Micro-Glimpse at Major Story

Posted by Connie Reece on April 16, 2020 at 8:45 pm

One of the friends I’ve made online this year is Jim Long, a cameraman for NBC news, who is usually on the White House detail. (By day, that is. After hours he morphs into a superhero named Micro Media Mogul. Or so I’ve heard.)

Right now Jim is covering the horrific story of the massacre at Virginia Tech, and in the crazy way that new media is merging with network news, I’ve been following Jim’s behind-the-scenes reports today. In fact, it turns out that Jim actually learned about the breaking story from me, when I Twittered about it this morning. Shortly after that, he got the call from 30 Rock to load up and head to Virginia.

I already knew that Jim was a great storyteller with his camera. Turns out he can capture a story in words too — in fact, in very short bursts of words sent from his cell phone. Reading his numerous “tweets” today, I was caught up in the dash to get to the studio and load the gear. Jim described seeing other news crews traveling the same highway in the mad rush to get to the scene.

And then this message really drove the significance of the story home:

Jim Long tweet #1

Then there was this:

Jim Long tweet #2

And finally, everything was in place, and after sending these two short messages, Jim put eye to lens and brought the story into our living rooms.

Jim Long tweet #3

A few minutes ago Jim messaged that the “adrenaline is waning” and wondered if anyone had booked a hotel room for the crew. These short messages — some mundane, some eloquent — provided a personal perspective on the news that I found fascinating.

Twitter has a lot of critics who dismiss it as something frivolous, but today was just one more demonstration that it has a legitimate business purpose.

Just before I pressed “Publish,” I saw another tweet from Jim cross the ‘Net:

Jim Long tweet #5

Get some rest, Jim. And thanks for the micro-reporting today.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

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Made April 17, 2020 at 10:20 pm

[…] This was the Twitter tweet from Connie Reece that sank like a pit in my stomach. First and foremost for the victims, I knew that the saddest part of this story would be the friends and family these victims left behind. I also had a sadly knee-jerk question in the back of my mind.. terrorism? Just as the self-centered thought “I wonder if they’ll call…” BZZZZZZZZ the blackberry danced across my desk. Next thing I know I’m jamming down 66 towards 81, Twittering breathlessly, which Connie Reece blogs about it here. […]

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