Extending the Conversation

Posted by Connie Reece on April 26, 2020 at 12:18 pm

You can tell from my carrying on about SOBCon07, how much I enjoy meeting in person the bloggers I have started building relationships with.

Chris Brogan has a great post on the same topic today: Extend the Conversation. But he takes it further by observing that bloggers and podcasters are mostly talking to themselves. He asks the question: how do you extend the conversation outside the blogosphere?

We’re all just talking to each other, which is swell, but if we want to be relevant, we’ve gotta climb the slippery, shiny, invisible sides of this big bowl we’re all standing in, and we’ve gotta get out there into the crowd. …

We NEED to get out there and talk to others, bring more people into the experience. Why? Because we are at a point where we (people who choose to use their voice) are the power.

I’ll extend to you my own version of the same question: what are you doing to help others outside the social media fold — friends, contacts, clients — “get” it? Leave a comment with your observations and suggestions … let’s extend the conversation.

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