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Tue, May 15, 2020

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Timothy L. JohnsonLast weekend’s SOBCon in Chicago was a truly memorable event. One of the fun — and remarkable — things the organizers did occurred in the final moments. We had all dropped our business cards into a big bowl for the door prize drawing. As we left the conference, we each picked a business card at random out of the bowl; that person is supposed to be our blogging buddy for the next 20 years.

I’ll probably be blogging from a retirement home by then, but I’m sure I will still enjoy reading Carpe Factum, the work of my new buddy, Timothy L. Johnson. In addition to teaching MBA classes, Timothy is a popular speaker, management consultant, and business blogging coach.

Gust by Timothy JohnsonTimothy provided conference attendees with a copy of his latest book, Gust: The “Tale” Wind of Office Politics. I did not have a chance to meet Timothy until the conference had ended and I had already drawn his card out of the bowl. When I realized that the man autographing books at the registration table was my new blogging buddy, I sat down and introduced myself.

You’ll be hearing more from me about Timothy because my responsibility as a blogging buddy is to help promote his blog, and to support and encourage him by staying in touch. I have a feeling I’ll get much more out of this relationship than I give.

Question: how could you use this same idea to foster a mentor-buddy relationship within a civic group or business association? Let me know your ideas in the comment section.

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  1. Timothy Johnson Says:

    Hi Connie… am I the luckiest guy on earth or what??? It was a tremendous pleasure meeting you, and I am looking forward to forging the relationship over the next 20 years. I predict that there won’t be a retirement village that will be able to contain your enthusiasm and energy. Have an awesome day! Carpe Factum!!!

  2. Connie Reece Says:

    But of course, you’re the luckiest guy on earth!!! And for that, you got sentenced to 20 years to life. :-)

    I’m looking forward to reading your book. One of the extracurricular activities I’m involved in is church leadership, and we also have our share of “office politics” in that environment. I would imagine that’s simply because people are people.

  3. Chris Heuer Says:

    This is awesome - somehow I feel I know Timothy, but cant figure out from where - am sure we met previously from somewhere…

    Really great post here, and great idea from the SOB organizers. Reminds me that simple things hold great power in them - it does not always need to be overly complicated (though I tend to always thing about things that way). I have been waiting for some free time to do something with, and for way too long…

  4. Connie Reece Says:

    Chris, we need to MAKE time to do something with those domain names. They rock! You’ve obviously been thinking along these lines for a long time. I’ll be your buddy to help you start something remarkable, okay?

    I am so excited about being Timothy’s blogging buddy. There’s another SOBCon buddy I haven’t introduced yet — and that’s Derrick Sorles, the blogger who drew MY card out of the bowl. Just knowing that I have connections with these two dedicated bloggers is a big inspiration to me.

  5. Dawud Miracle Says:

    Connie, I loved the few moments we had together at SOBCon. You’re a blast. And your strong, Texas accent makes me long to see friends of mine in Austin. If I head down that way, I’ll look you up.

  6. Connie Reece Says:

    Strong Texas accent??? Me??? What are you talking about, Dawud? (rofl)

    I hope you do get to Austin soon. Coffee’s on me!