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Tue, May 22, 2020

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My favorite evil genius, whurley, has asked me to help out one of his co-workers, “Y,” by recommending the best social media conferences to attend.

Of course, SOBCon07 was high on my list because of its emphasis on relationship blogging. And we’re in the process of persuading Liz Strauss and the other organizers to do it again next year. It was such a resounding success that I’m pretty sure we can talk them into a second edition.

Any social media conference list would be incomplete without New Communications Forum; this annual event, sponsored by the Society for New Communications Research, is held in March.

Excuse me for being self-serving enough to mention that Austin will be a host city for a Social Media Workshop featuring the co-founders of Social Media Club — Chris Heuer and Howard Greenstein — plus noted blogger and author Shel Israel (Naked Conversations) … and me! The new series is called Starting the Conversation. Details about the September event to follow, of course.

Now, let’s hear your recommendations for Ynema. Take a look at her blog and ask yourself, “If I were ‘Y,’ what social media conferences would I want to attend?” List them in the comments and tell her why you made your choices. I’ll make sure she gets the information.

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  1. Brenda Thompson Says:

    I’m sick that I missed the PR Online Convergence, last week in LA. hosts a number of teleseminars that look intriguing, though I personally prefer in-person learning. Looking forward to see what else gets recommended!

  2. Joseph Thornley Says:

    Hi Connie,

    For my money, Blog Business Summit, Gnomedex and the meshconference are the must-attends over the next several months.

  3. Ynema Mangum Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out in your blog! But, of course…I’m watching you…and listening.

  4. Liz Strauss Says:

    Hi Connie!
    You betcha! I can’t imagine you not convincing someone, if that was where you set your mind to doing something. :)

  5. Jen McClure Says:


    Thank you so much for including New Communications Forum in your list. We are proud of this event, which we have built over the last three years and so happy and honored that our colleagues find it valuable.

    (For those who don’t know the history, NewComm Forum was actually the genesis of the Society for New Communications Research. Many of the early adopters who attended our first event in Napa, CA in January of 2005 became the founding Fellows of the Society, which was formed to be an extension of that event - a sort of “open source” think tank and ongoing community of practice.)

    Since our founding we’ve developed a second event, and I’d like to invite all your readers to attend the SNCR Research Symposium & Awards Gala in Boston on December 5th and 6th. Several of our Fellows will be sharing the research they have been working on this year. Hope to see you there!