Dell Understands the Power of Conversation

Posted by Connie Reece on May 24, 2020 at 4:30 pm

Just a few minutes ago, at 4:00 P.M. Central Time, Dell’s online sales department made marketing history by offering its U.S. customers three new computers with Linux technology installed. I’m fascinated with this story for a couple of reasons.

Number one, my friend Whurley has made a Linux convert out of me. I do most of my work now on a Sony Vaio laptop running the Ubuntu 7.0.4 OS, the same operating system the new Dell machines will feature.

What is most intriguing to me is that this product has gone from idea to market in three short months — at the request of Dell customers. Back in February Dell launched a site called IdeaStorm, inviting customers to “jump into the eye of the storm.”

Dell Idea Storm

Customers quickly made their opinions known: Linux-based machines were the number one request. Dell listened to their customers, carried on a conversation with them, and they responded with the new offering.

To hear directly from some of the Dell employees who made the Linux offering happen, watch this short video featuring Lionel Menchaca, Dell’s Digital Media Manager. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Lionel through Social Media Club Austin. He’s the person who dived head-first into the blogosphere to tackle Dell’s customer service problems and start polishing the company’s tarnished image. Lionel is backed up by a number of other bloggers, and the most important thing is that the top management trusted the Direct2Dell team and actually turned them loose to freely interact with customers.

My hat’s off to the people at Dell for understanding the power of conversation. Remarkable things are happening because of it, and I hope the sales of their new Linux-based computers skyrocket.

How are you using the power of conversation as part of your marketing plan?

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Comment by RichardatDELL

Made May 29, 2020 at 1:28 pm

Hi Connie,
Wanted to thank you very much for the feedback and compliments related to Dell, our responding to customers wanting more choice (Linux and Ideastorm) and our ongoing conversations with customers.

Lionel has been instrumental at the direct2dell blog, while at the same time there is a growing Dell team that is getting engaged with customers through social media and digital networks…at StudioDell, in the blogs, at Ideastorm, and whatever the next iteration of our conversations might be :-)

Like you, we find it exciting to see our customers provide ideas and within 3 months to bring the new products to market. In fact, its exciting every day to engage in conversations because of what we learn from those conversations, at the same time as we get to share perspectives.

Certainly appreciate your compliments, however, we still feel pretty new to all of this. There are days (every day?) that we sometimes make mistakes, but we keep trying to grow and move forward. Thanks again.

Comment by Connie Reece

Made May 30, 2020 at 11:59 am


Thanks so much for stopping by. Laura Thomas mentioned Studio Dell on Twitter the other day, and I confess that I have not had time to check it out. (Sorry, LPT!)

When it comes to social media, I think we’re all in beta! The important thing is that Dell is making a genuine attempt to engage in conversations. I’m sure you won’t get it right every time, but as you said, at least you’re moving forward. So many companies don’t even make the attempt.

Comment by RichardatDELL

Made May 30, 2020 at 12:03 pm

well we certainly are doing that…and the stumbles always teach us something. Its important to, increasingly I realize, that we are all in this together. Afterall a conversation is a two way street, which means please excuse if I mis spoke and lets carry on until we both get it right and understand each other.

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