The Culture of Community

Posted by Kelley Burrus on May 28, 2020 at 4:37 pm

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to be a part (even minor) in bringing together creative thinkers, policy makers and dreamers.

Understanding the rare opportunity to combine these worlds (and connect the dots), it was with enthusiastic possibility I accepted a position on the CreateAustin task force to help provide a foundation of cultural communications and collaborations for Austin, Texas.

An eclectic and diverse group, we’re charged with identifying and recommending a plan of action for the cultural community of Austin over the next ten years. Talk about a serious responsibility.

Do we tackle diversity of culture, definitions of art? Yes.

Do we seek out, educate ourselves and provide a platform for the varied voices of the community. You bet.

To do anything less would not be the spirit for which we gather.

Reflecting on these deliverables, I realized that this is a direct parallel to what we’re facing with the world of social media. The decisions and practices we lay down today will affect “the community” for years to come. It’s an exciting time. It’s an important time.

As diverse as our faces and places, it’s essential that “community” is outlined to include represented voices of all (raised eyebrow or not). It’s about creating a respectful place of dialogue, a place of tolerance and a place of inclusion.

Locally, regionally, worldwide-the conversation is key . . . and could somebody please pull up a few more chairs?

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Comment by Ynema Mangum

Made May 31, 2020 at 6:16 pm

I’d recommend you engage Sheila Bostick at Treaty Oak Bank in Westlake for this. She chairs the Go Red committee and is president of the Westlake Chamber of Commerce among other things. Her strengths lie in getting people excited about things just like this and creating collaboration and agreement. Don’t know why she isn’t all involved in this social media thing. Ask Brenda for her personal info…

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