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Sat, Jun 2, 2020

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This weekend Darren Rowse asked Problogger readers these questions:

  • When was your biggest day of traffic?
  • Where did the traffic come from?
  • What (if anything) did you do in order for it to happen?

My answers:

  • May 16, 2020 - Podbit 001 - Why I Switched to NBC News.
  • Biggest traffic source: Twitter; second: Google.
  • Fresh, original content. First-ever audio file posted. I promoted it through Twitter and a few personal e-mails to the people I linked to in the post.

When I post something I believe is worthy of attention, I mention it on Twitter and provide a TinyURL link. I only have about 100 followers, but they are a very engaged, influential group. So the Twitter link to my first Podbit file pulled more traffic to the site than any other source.

Chris Brogan often promotes a particular blog post on Twitter. And even though I am subscribed to his RSS feed, I usually see his “tweet” letting me know about the post before it shows up in my reader. So what do I do? I click on the Twitter link and go directly to his blog to read.

My question: how are you promoting you blog in general or specific posts in particular?

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  1. Chris Brogan... Says:

    On top of Twitter, I also use a lot of the tools FeedBurner gives me. I have an “subscribe via email” box on my website. I use their animated headlines thingy in some of my emails. I post my blog’s address at the bottom of EVERY email and on EVERY business card. I leave comments liberally and on-topic on a variety of other influential blogs and then hope some curious types will find some traffic.

    Sometimes, if I’m writing about someone, or a topic that someone finds really interesting to themselves, I’ll email a few folks a pointer to the blog post (never too often, because spamming friends in email about your stupid blog is a great way to get a bad name).

    I work fairly consistently on building blog traffic. Why? There are no ads on my site. Here’s why: the more people who come and spend time on my blog, the better the comments section is. The comments section is my gold. It’s the conversation there that matters to me. I blog because I have an audience of engaged thinkers. And I give them a platform for considering and reacting to what I present for information.

    Building a blog’s traffic is a good thing.

    Oh, and if you find you just can’t crack the ceiling, a few final tips: build a team blog if you cant’ go it alone. Maybe you’ve got great ideas that match someone else’s. Partner up. There’s plenty of brand to go around.

    Great post, and a wonderful question, Connie!

  2. Connie Reece Says:

    Super answer, Chris! Thanks for the input.

    I often click through to your blog just to read the comments — always a great conversation going on there. One of the reasons you get such interesting blog reactions is that you’re always asking questions. That’s something I’m learning to do — quit talking and start asking questions that lead to more conversation.

  3. Shaine Says:

    Agreed, the discussion is what keeps me coming back.

  4. Michael Tangeman @ Media Mindshare Says:

    Great tips, Connie! And, since I was away and unplugged for your ‘Why I switched …’ podcast I just went back to listen in and really enjoyed it. As well as the additional great tip about Evoca. Thanks for sharing! MT

  5. Erin Says:

    Thank you so much for the great tips! I recently just started my own business with Arbonne ( and was looking for ways to network without pressuring close family and friends. My website allows consumers to buy direct so I am looking for a wide variety of networking resources and blogs. Your recommendations and comments were very helpful! Thanks!

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