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Posted by Mike Chapman on August 22, 2020 at 12:09 pm

I am extremely excited about the response that the W-List is getting on this site and everywhere else. In the grand scheme of democratizing communications, it is wholly appropriate to help each other find the best and the brightest. As a man, I’m honored to be associated with a social media consortium, and its blog, that is majority female. I’m happy to counsel any male out there who doesn’t understand why the list a good thing.

I have a another notable “w” that I want to ballyhoo a little. Through Connie Reece, our own member of the W-List, I have met one of the smartest people I think I might ever meet…and I’ve met some really smart people.

William Hurley, also known as “whurley”, hence the “w”, is the open-source expert at BMC Software, Inc., which has a major campus here in Austin, Texas.

whurley calls himself an “evil genius”. I don’t know about the evil part, but I do know that he is seeing the future when many of us are still trying to make sense of the past and present. What I also know is that he is a true visionary regarding social media, an internationally recognized expert on open source and will be sharing his thoughts with a bunch of us at the August meeting of the Social Media Club of Austin.

I also know that this “evil genius” is a really nice person and is interested in all kinds of efforts to bring the advantages of community, through access to information and the latest innovations in technology, to as many people as possible. And I haven’t asked him yet, but I’m sure he supports the W-List as well. In fact, maybe whurley and I should start the “Friends of the W-List” list.

Join us if you can. Excerpt from the Social Media Club Austin website:

The Social Media Club of Austin will resume monthly meetings on Thursday, August 23rd, at 6 pm. The first meeting of SMC Austin, since breaking for the summer, will be held at BMC Software’s headquarters located at 10431 Morado Circle, Building 5 / BMC Software Executive Briefing Center, EBC-A and B, Austin, Texas 78759.

The meeting will feature a special presentation entitled:

“Open Source, Social Media, and the Art of Community”

The speaker for the meeting is William Hurley, aka “whurley”, Chief Architect of Open Source Strategy at BMC Software, Inc.

Y, also of BMC, will be introducing him…I couldn’t resist that one. Hope to see you there.

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Comment by Cassandra

Made August 23, 2020 at 4:34 pm

Aww…Mike’s so sensitve, Connie. I’d like to be on HIS list!

Comment by Be a Good Daughter

Made October 25, 2020 at 6:28 am

Great post.
I am sure you’ll comment my diary..

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