Personal Branding: Bubblehead Pink

Sat, Nov 3, 2020

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Connie Reece talks about personal branding and her new hair color.

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My much-neglected humor blog is Blogabillies. I haven’t posted lately, but browse through the archives and you’ll find some fun stuff from Belle (me) and T-Bone (Terry Taylor).

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  1. Michelle / chel pixie Says:

    Pink. It’s pink!

    yay Connie!!

  2. Dayngr Says:

    I loved it! What a great video and what a great color coordinated look. Excellent advice, that I am sure, many will benefit from.

  3. Merlene Says:

    Hey Connie,

    Just want to tell you that I absolutely adore the Bubblehead Pink highlights and I admire that you just went out and did it :)

  4. Gladys Hardy Says:

    Well, honey, the bubblehead suits you. I remember when you painted flowers on your tennis shoes—AND made coasters out of rice cakes for your sister.



  5. Connie Reece Says:

    Chel & Dayngr - thanks for being my cheerleaders!

    Merlene - sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone and do it! The pink highlights were easy; letting Kelley turn the video camera on me is not. But I’m trying to branch out to new things. Maybe I need a pair of high-heeled red-patent-leather clogs … :)

    MOM!!!!! I’m not falling for the Gladys Hardy alias this time. LOL And btw, it was Laurie who shellacked the rice cake coasters for me. But I did paint those flowers on my tennis shoes. — Connie, Jr.

  6. Kami Huyse Says:

    Connie; I love that you are fun in public, this profession could use a little more of that.

  7. Chris Heuer Says:

    you look great Connie - looking forward to seeing you on TUE…

  8. Vikram Rajan Says:

    awesome Connie…. I love it, professionalism and personality is no longer an oxymoron… if anything, they’re now great partners.

    I posted your video on my blog with a link to you.

    ~ Vikram

  9. Kim Haynes Says:

    Great post on personal branding. Has me wondering what mine might become. Love the hair color and I’m feeling especially special for having seen it in person. Hugs!

  10. Erica Says:

    I am so excited by your Bubbleheaded Pink hair! I have for so many years wanted to do a hot pink stripe in my hair, because it is very *me* feeling. But what has prevented me from doing so, is what you stated about the “Corporate Headshot in Boring Blue Suit”. Is corporate america as a whole changing to allow more personality to infiltrate and still be deemed professional?

  11. Connie Reece Says:

    Chris — great seeing you last week. Thanks for making it to Austin for the Social Media Workshop.

    Kami — great seeing you as well, and thanks for the comment about adding “fun” to the profession. It’s very difficult for me to NOT bring some fun to everything I do. :)

    Vikram & Dan — thanks for linking to my video. I’m just discovering the power of personal branding. Vikram, that’s a powerful thing you said: “professionalism and personality is no longer an oxymoron.” I must remember that quote.

    Kim — lucky you for being one of the first to see my pink hair! :) Hey, I’ll see you on Thursday at Jelly Austin, right?

    Erica — you ask a great question, and it’s one I just discussed on an interview with Anna Farmery of The Engaging Brand podcast. I’ll let you know when it’s posted on her site.

    I don’t think we’ll see much pink hair in corporate boardrooms soon, with a few exceptions: (1) those corporations delving deeply into social media may find it more acceptable; (2) creative types — artists, musicians, writers, etc. — seem to have more leeway in fashion. For example, a pair of jeans and a blazer can be considered quite dressy for some in these professions; and (3) geography matters — you can get away with otherwise questionable fashion trends in places like Silicon Valley that would never work in, say, Boston.

    But picking up on what Vikram and Kami said, I do think that personality and professionalism are not mutually exclusive.

    Thanks for continuing the conversation!

  12. HeavyGod Says:

    Really good and really interesting post. I expect (and other readers maybe :)) new useful posts from you!
    Good luck and successes in blogging!

  13. Rachael Hampton Says:

    I really enjoy this video cast on personal Branding.
    Plus how the pink came about & you dying your hair pink and being yourself.

    When dealing with my clients I always feeling like I am playing a roll in a play.

    I going to start taking your advice about being yourself and writing like I talk.

    Once again thank you,

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