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Top 25 Marketing BlogOn February 9, 2007, an idea was born-and you’re reading it. The idea came out of conversation around a table at Starbucks with Mike Chapman and Kelley Burrus, two professional colleagues who were fast becoming personal friends. I was venting about the PR firm that had brought us together but not let us use our talents-especially when it came to social media.

In between sips of a latte, I went on and on about the power of social media for making connections between people and ideas and causes and … and … and …

After a while Mike scribbled something on a piece of paper, tore it out of his legal pad, and pushed it across the table. “You need a name,” he said, “and here it is-in three words.” Every Dot Connects.

Three days later I had a logo and an exit strategy. And here we are-not quite a year after that memorable conversation at Starbucks-debuting in Mack Collier’s Top 25 Marketing Blogs list at #23. (Please excuse me while I remind myself to take a deep breath.)

Over the holidays it has been fun to get to know Mack better on Twitter (mackcollier). He is a social media consultant and author of The Viral Garden, a blog focusing on marketing and social media. Mack is also a frequent contributor to the marketing blog Daily Fix, and one of the contributing authors to the Age of Conversation project.

What a year it’s been! During 2007 Mike Chapman and I became business partners. Kelley Burrus and Brenda Thomspon remain our head cheerleaders, go-to resources, and occasional contributors to the blog. While not yet listed as part of the Every Dot Connects team, Sheila Scarborough and Kara Soluri will be frequent contributors in 2008. Our goal is to continue to create value for readers and to continue connecting people, causes and ideas.

Thanks, Mack; thanks, Team; and most of all, thanks to all who read and contribute comments here.

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  1. Anna Farmery Says:

    Well done, I remember when I entered the list it was a fabulous feeling. I am sure like me you write because you want to, but just that sense of recognition is superb. I assume the feather boa will be out celebrating later?

  2. Cam Beck Says:

    Woo hoo! Way to go, Texas! :)

  3. Aruni Gunasegaram Says:

    Congrats to all of you!

  4. Connie Bensen Says:

    That IS a fabulous achievement! Congratulations to Connie, Mike & co!!

    Mack’s a wonderful guy too. I met him at Jeremiah’s Facebook group (didn’t have a clue that he’s a big marketing guy).

  5. RichardatDELL Says:

    Well deserved and thrilled to see….just tweeted :-)

  6. Gavin Heaton Says:

    Congratulations, Connie! Great to see.

  7. Mike Chapman Says:

    Happy birthday, Connie, and thank you. It has truly been a remarkable beginning and a whole bunch of fun.

  8. Mark Dykeman Says:

    Connie et al - best wishes for 2008!