Honoring Military Moms On Mother’s Day

Thu, Apr 24, 2020

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In just a couple of weeks it’ll be Mother’s day and for more than 10,000 moms who serve in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’ll no doubt be a tough one.

Not long ago I posted about a project Connie and I are working on with Trish Forant of eMail Our Military (eMOM) and Conrad Hametner of Qipit that hopefully will help make their Mother’s day just a little bit better this year.

The project involves enhancing Trish’s efforts to communicate by email with the troops while they are separated from their families. Qipit’s contribution is to provide a free and easy way to add a personal touch to the email.

On this Mother’s Day we’re all going to ramp up our efforts to reach out to the troops, especially the moms but not only the moms, and line up personalized, “qipitized” emails.

I encourage all of our readers to link up to Conrad’s site and Trish’s site to learn more. If you have any trouble, DM Conrad on Twitter. He can be reached @hametner.

It may not seem like much, but every little bit helps. I’m a military brat and I remember well the impact our care packages had on my Dad. It’s not as easy to do those same kind of mailings anymore, so please think about sending an email with a personalized message attached.

Anyone can join eMail Our Military. It’s easy. Just go here. I’m also sure that if you would like to do some artwork using Qipit, and aren’t sure about signing up for eMOM, we could use it in our efforts as well.

You can also reach the rest of us at Trish, @mailourmilitary and @Dayngr, Connie, @conniereece and me, @mikechapman.

~Mike Chapman

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