Learn Five Web 2.0 Tools in One Day

Thu, May 22, 2020


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Leaping into the unknown at Tikal, Guatemala (courtesy the mat at Flickr’s Creative Commons)Don’t get us wrong - we love being communications techno-geeks here at Every Dot Connects.

Still, much of our time is spent offline in the temporal/”real” world, where folks are still figuring out fundamental social media stuff like blogging. They’re plenty smart, they just haven’t had the time or expertise to really dig into Web 2.0 tools on their own.

Every Dot Connects colleagues Connie Reece and Sheila Scarborough have decided to leap in and help guide the curious.

Our first step to bridge the social media knowledge chasm is a great new workshop:

Learn Five Web 2.0 Tools in One Day

Please bring your WiFi-enabled laptop and join us on Friday, June 20, 2020 from 10 am to 3 pm in Austin, Texas.

We’ll teach you the basics of five Web 2.0/social media tools that can improve your personal and professional life:

  1. How to participate in the blogosphere, and how to find the good blogs.
  2. How to keep track of all that good information with RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
  3. How to find all of those interesting people on Twitter
  4. How to find the good job connections on LinkedIn
  5. Number five will be picked by the class members: how to do something useful on YouTube (besides look for old Van Halen videos - not that Sheila does that much) OR how to use Creative Commons Flickr photos OR how to upload audio to Utterz from your cell phone.

The cost is a super-reasonable $149.00 and includes lunch.

If you register before June 13, we’re offering an Early Bird rate of $119.00.

There are also special discount codes only for members of Freelance Austin and the Austin chapter of the Association for Women in Communications; two local groups who have been very supportive of our business.

For more details and to register, click here to go to the workshop page on Eventbrite.

We appreciate the opportunity to bring our experience and our teaching background to you, in the most personalized, hands-on workshop we’ve ever offered. If your own Web 2.0 knowledge is past this entry level, please forward this link to someone else who might be interested.


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