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Posted by Connie Reece on June 30, 2020 at 12:14 am

Wow, is it ever turning out to be a busy social media summer here in Austin. One thing’s for sure — you’ll know where to find us if you want to connect with the Every Dot Connects team. Here’s what we’re up to in July:

July 3 ~ Social Networking Blood Drive

Mike and Connie will be joining the Austin Twitter/Tech community to save lives by donating blood on Thursday, July 3, at the Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas. Connie had the idea to do a blood drive in association with the Frozen Pea Fund, and Michelle Greer and David Neff stepped up to help organize the Austin event.

The idea is to gather with some friends from your favorite social network — Twitter, Plurk, Ning, Facebook, for example — at your local blood donation center and give a few pints for a good cause. It’s especially timely this Thursday, which is the day before a major summer holiday, when the blood banks need extra inventory.

Choose a sign-up time for the Austin blood drive here. And if you organize a drive in another location, please let us know here.

July 16-17 ~ SEM for SMB Conference

Connie will be speaking at Search Engine Marketing for Small and Midsize Businesses. The conference will cover both business and technical topics and give attendees hands-on training with tools, processes and skills needed to deliver more return from online marketing and advertising. In addition, attendees will be able to sign up for one-on-one sessions with speakers, so you can get personalized attention for your specific needs.

Every Dot Connects is happy to provide an additional $50 off of the registration fee of $195, making it $145 for two-day, meals included. Please use smc2008 as the discount code during the payment process. Please register today, the early-bird discount ends on July 1.

July 17 ~ Social Media Club Austin

Andy Meadows of Live Oak 360 is speaking at our next meeting on July 17. Thanks to the generosity of Joshua Baer and Datran Media, we’ll again be meeting at their conference room. Pizza and networking at 6:00 p.m.; program begins at 6:30 p.m.

July 18 ~ Every Dot Connects workshop in Austin

We’re happy to welcome Jennifer Navarrete as a speaker for our summer workshop series lineup. She’ll join Sheila Scarborough for a three-hour, hands-on workshop on Web 2.0 tools, followed by an informal lunch where the conversation will continue. The workshop will be from 9:00 a.m. to noon on Friday, July 18, at the Hilton Garden Inn in northwest Austin.

Watch this space for more information and a link to online registration later this week. Or, drop our admin Erin a note and ask to be placed on the mailing list.

Update:  The 18 July 2020 workshop info/registration page is now live.  Click here to Learn Three Web 2.0 Tools in Three Hours.

July 19 ~ BlogHer in Second Life

Can’t make it to San Francisco for the annual BlogHer conference? Stay at home and join the virtual conference, sponsored by CNN, which features livestreaming of keynotes from BlogHer to Second Life. By the way, men are welcome to attend. Check out the schedule and register here. It’s free! A full house is expected, so register soon.

Connie will be speaking on an exclusive Second Life-only panel on Saturday afternoon called Using Second Life for Good. The BlogHer in Second Life office will be open beginning on Monday, July 15, so you can familiarize yourself with Second Life and get assistance mastering the basics of attending in-world events. Or just chill out on some cozy floor pillows while drinking some virtual lemonade and thinking of all that gas money you’re saving.

July 25 ~ Every Dot Connects workshop in San Antonio

Sheila and Jennifer will repeat the three-hour workshop in San Antonio. August and September dates will be announced soon, as well as a new all-day seminar on starting a blog.

Please let your friends know about these workshops. They are especially good for people just dipping their toes into social networking, and are designed to provide a no-fear environment for learning the basics. We are also available for onsite training at your business. Contact us for a quote on a customized training session.

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Interactive Austin 2008

Posted by Connie Reece on June 16, 2020 at 2:09 pm

Every Dot Connects readers are invited, at a special discount rate, to attend Interactive Austin 2008 - Putting Social Commerce to Work on June 19th at the J.J. “Jake” Pickle Center located at 10100 Burnet Road in Austin, Texas.

The goal of the one-day conference is to give marketing professionals solid strategies for incorporating social commerce (Enterprise 2.0, Social Media, SEO) initiatives into their marketing programs. It will also give them the opportunity to make some valuable connections among trend setters and thought leaders already heavily involved in online businesses and communities.

If you or anyone else from your organization are interested in attending, you can do so at a discounted rate of $109 if you register before the event at and enter the following code: BD7632

Seating for the event is expected to to sell out, so it might not be a good idea to wait until the last minute to register!

Those in attendance will be provided with high-impact strategies that will make clear how to integrate social commerce initiatives into current marketing platforms. As thought-leaders in the field of digital marketing and social media, the panelists and speakers will bring this technology down-to-earth with compelling real-world examples and case studies that can be used by companies looking to incorporate digital media and social commerce into their more traditional business and marketing initiatives.

Interactive Austin 2008 will feature a number of informative presentations including:

* The Role of Metrics in Driving Interactive Performance
* Integrating New Media into the Marketing Plan
* How the Convergence of Media Online Affects Marketing and PR
* Managing your Digital Landscape
* Trends and Technologies Driving Social Interaction
* Building a High-Impact User Experience

and more…

The conference will feature two Keynotes, Brian K. Magierski, Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer at nGenera Corporation who will address “Social Commerce and its Impact on Business”; and Pete Hayes, Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications at AMD has a presentation entitled: “Get into the Click-Stream: An Alternative to Driving Traffic to your Site”

Interactive Austin promises to be the premier Interactive Marketing event in 2008 and is supported by a number of organizations including FG Squared, Live Oak 360, Apogee Search, The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, The Interactive Marketing Association, the Austin Technology Council, and Business District Magazine.

If you have questions about the event, feel free to contact Jason Myers, publisher of Business District Magazine at or (512) 919-4563.

Connie Reece and I, along with many of our friends and colleagues in the community, will be participating.

~Mike Chapman

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Anywhere News, No Boundaries

Posted by Connie Reece on June 9, 2020 at 2:56 pm

Like so many others who were working in the Washington D.C. political scene in the nineties, I had heard about the President’s “intern problem” long before the mainstream media reported on it. Word of mouth in the political circles of D.C. is a powerful force.

What happened next caught most of us by surprise, though. An online publication broke the story while the major media outlets waited for their legal teams to give them permission to print or broadcast the story. The relationship between politicians, journalists and their constituencies was forever changed.

Fast forward a decade and the Drudge Report continues to be a force by charting its own course. This recent report in Politico demonstrates how Matt Drudge and the gang don’t plan to fit into any preconceived notions of the online publication being part of an ongoing Republican strategy.

‘Drudge Report keeps campaigns guessing,’ by Jonathan Martin and Ben Smith: ‘ ‘It’s clear to us that Barack Obama has won the Drudge Primary, and it’s one of the most important primaries in this process,’ conceded a senior Clinton aide … Explanations vary for Drudge’s apparent embrace of Obama and coolness to McCain … ‘He’s interested in what brings people to the site – and Obama is great box office,’ said Jim Dyke, the communications director for the Republican National Committee in 2004. … ‘It’s become sort of an international clearing ground of news - not just American news, not just British news, not just European news - anywhere news,’ [Matt Drudge told Britain’s Sky News last year]. ‘This to me is the future, no boundaries.’ ‘

When Jim Dyke refers to “no boundaries,” that also applies to left leaning blogs. The Huffington Post clearly leans left but that doesn’t stop them from breaking news that is potentially damaging to Democrats. HuffPo has shown that its main loyalty is to increasing readership and, consequently, it has had a major impact on the Presidential race at least a couple of times. Blogger Mayhill Fowler, among others, continues to scoop traditional media with a new form of stealth “un-journalism.”

The following is from the Washington Post article Amateur Campaign Blogger Scoops the Pros on her anonymous interview with former President Bill Clinton ‘…in the crush of the crowd in South Dakota last Monday, when she raised the topic of “that hatchet job” on him in Vanity Fair, the former president called the article’s author “slimy,” “sleazy” and a “scumbag,” tightly gripping Fowler’s hand the whole time. “I’m sure he had no idea who I was,” the 61-year-old Tennessee native says.

He quickly found out. Fowler is a Huffington Post blogger whose audiotape of the exchange exploded across the media landscape, prompting Clinton to apologize for his language. And the episode came just two months after Fowler rocked Barack Obama’s campaign by reporting his comments at a closed fundraiser that “bitter” small-town Americans “cling to guns or religion.”

Whether we agree with the techniques being utilized or directions being taken by Drudge and Huffington - neither being beholden to traditional rules and customs of political journalism - we have to admit their very real impact on the process. As those of us who study “social media” can almost uniformly attest, it really pays to be transparent and authentic at all times. And if you’re famous already - hello, Mr. Clinton - you really have no choice but to assume that you are always on the record.

~Mike Chapman

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