2009 SXSW Panel Proposals: Please Vote

Wed, Aug 13, 2020

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I’m honored to be included in two panel proposals selected for public voting for 2009 SXSW Interactive. Please take a look at the descriptions below and consider voting for these panels.

1404 - Breaking Through the Digital Ceiling

Level: Intermediate

Category: Business / Entrepreneurial

Presenter: Allyson Kapin, Women Who Tech and Rad Campaign

Are you a woman (or a man) who loves to tech out but is tired of sexism, ageism, and the lack of diversity? Women in tech and social media experts identify strategies for breaking through the digital ceiling. The panel will discuss topics such as getting heard by upper management, how to effectively advocate for your work and expertise, what men can do to help promote women in technology as well as how to break through the barriers of being too young or too old in the tech sector.

Panel members: Connie Reece, Susan Mernit, Lynne Johnson, Charlene Li

Vote here for this panel.

1454 - Beyond Social Media: Introducing Social Communications

Level: Advanced

Category: Advertising / Marketing

Presenter: Jackie Peters, Heavybag Media

Who really “owns” social media? Is it PR, Marketing, Branding? This panel will demonstrate that it’s all of the above and more. Thus the new category “Social Communications,” which we can think of as a hybrid of PR, marketing, branding, WOM, customer service, product development and more.

Panel members: Kristie Wells, Connie Reece, Chuck Hester, Todd Van Hoosear

Vote here for this panel.

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