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In the continued blurring of the lines between content creators serving as “new media”, public relations professionals, mainstream media and the combination of all of the above, I was given press credentials and a media kit for an excellent haunted house here in Austin. In keeping with the interactive nature of social media, I was even invited to participate.

The Mansion of Terror Haunted House, in its fifth year in Austin, is inviting members of the media, including social media, to interact with and even be a part of their haunted house.

If you choose to, and they think you can handle it, you can be a part of the Mansion of Terror, getting a full Hollywood Make up FX session, as well as a Hollywood quality costume and acting lessons.

If you’re not feeling that much of the exhibitionism spirit, but still want to see how it all works, you can still hang out with the actors while they perform. We received invitations, as media, to hang out backstage and shoot footage, interview the actors, and generally get a “behind the scenes” view of a night at the Mansion of Terror.

Or you can directly shadow a specific Mansion of Terror actor. By hiding in the shadows, wearing black, and staying quiet, the Mansion of Terror Haunted House will allow you to document how their scenes and scares actually work. You’ll know the all the secrets.


I opted to be on the receiving end of the performances and went through both sides of the Mansion of Terror. It’s some pretty scary stuff, and I grew up on this kind of thing - thanks Mom! - so I know more than a little bit about what’s scary and what’s just corny. The Mansion of Terror will make even the most hardened among us start looking for the exits.

I’d recommend to any social media types who are here in Austin to contact them and see if they will allow you to take them up on their offer. If you don’t feel like being a reporter, you can go as a customer. It’s worth it. I promise you. Check out the Flickr slide show and the film clips on the website.

To get in touch with them email or DM on twitter @daveiam.

The Mansion of Terror is very social media centric. When you check out the website you’ll see they’re on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and, of course, FlickR. With so many ways you can follow and connect with them, it’s great for really getting into the Halloween spirit.

The best way to really know the feeling of horror and fear you will get from the Mansion of Terror, however, is to go visit in person. Good luck and Happy Halloween.

This haunted house has intense sequences of graphic violence, extensive blood and gore, small claustrophobic enclosed areas, extended periods of total darkness, strobe special effects. This attraction may be too intense for patrons under 13 years of age.

~Mike Chapman

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