Five in the Morning

For those of you who know I am the farthest thing possible from a morning person, the title refers to a series Steve Woodruff (@swoodruff) created on his Sticky Figure blog. Through the magic of advanced scheduling, my contribution to Five in the Morning will indeed arrive with your morning coffee-while I am still happily snoozing.

While you sip caffeine, take a few minutes to enjoy these five blog posts:

1. If you’re the early bird who gets the worm type, you’ll get a peek at the newest version of my favorite Twitter app, TweetDeck, a few hours before me. At Read Write Web, Marshall Kirkpatrick has already taken the new model for a test drive. Here’s What It Will Include.

2. Glenda Watson Hyatt (@glendawh) writes the Do It Myself blog. Her 3 Tips for Making Your Hyperlinks More Usable will help web designers and bloggers make content more accessible to readers with visual impairment or other disabilities. Next time you complain about being “all thumbs,”remember Glenda, who has cerebral palsy; she blogs and uses Twitter, typing only with her left thumb.

3. If you’re a hockey fan and on Twitter, then you probably know Shannon Paul (@shannonpaul), who “does social media stuff” for the Detroit Red Wings. Stop by her Very Official Blog and read Stop Looking for Easy Answers When It Comes to Social Media. Shannon gets it right. But then, she usually does.

4. I’m a fan of Todd Defren (@tdefren), principal of SHIFT Communications. His PR Squared was one of the first PR blogs. So when an industry leader like Todd compiles his best thinking over the last five year into an e-book, it’s something to take note of. Brink: A Social Media Guide from the Edge is a free download.

5. If you’re a woman 55+ (*Connie raises hand*), you’re part of the fastest growing segment of Facebook users-up 175.3% in the last 120 days. Read more about the shifting demographics (older and wealthier) of the #1 social network at Inside Facebook.

And now, for a bonus (since we’re on the topic of age), read all about Stump, the 10-year-old Sussex spaniel who took home top honors at the annual Westminster Kennel Club Show. Stump is the oldest dog (70 in “dog years”) to win Best in Show in the competition’s 133-year history. I wonder if Stump is on Facebook . . .

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. tre Says:

    hey still up too :) watching live tweetstreams re: twestival….i’m giggling b/c i guess i’ve still been the FB stats a couple days ago..and trying to get my mom on it :) (she’s mid 60s).found out about Brink and downloaded it 2day via a tweet, and squealed earlier today when I saw tweetdeck’s purple layout. yum. as for the other two…COOL re: the spaniel…he oughta be on twitter :) (there’s a couple dogs on it and i’m considering adding berkeley, my bichon)…and thanks for the doitmyself and hockey blog nudges..will save those for after a brief nap…i think i started following you after the houston coffee house tweet story revved up? not sure. anyhoo…i appreciated the peas avatar following yesterday tho i’m so new to all this i’m not sure the background on that…bit by bit.
    thanks for your tweet to dive into these early…and hope you get to a twestival :) til soon…

  2. Lavanna Martin Says:

    Hi, Connie.

    As a member of the women over 55 demigraphic, I thank you for this post.


  3. Glenda Watson Hyatt Says:

    Connie, thanks for including me in your morning’s five. It was morning somewhere in the morning when you wrote it. You are simply located in the wrong time zone!

  4. Connie Reece Says:

    @tre How fun to find another night owl who read this when it posted in the wee hours! Tell your mom to get with the program and get on Facebook. My mom is 85 and she’s been on FB for more than a year. Age is not limit!

    @Lavanna Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It was very good to meet you in person this week. Let’s keep on rocking the Austin networking scene.

    @Glenda I think I should have my own time zone! LOL Always good to stop by your blog and see your big smile. One of these days we’ll finally get to be at the same conference at the same time and I can give you a big hug. I have a feeling you are a room brightener.

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