Back After Long Hiatus

Wed, Jul 21, 2020


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In case you haven’t noticed, I let this blog grow stale following my illness last fall. As I recovered, I started using my Tumblr blog,, to curate content for clients or those who are new to social media. I’m continuing that practice but intend to occasionally post longer pieces here on Every Dot Connects, like this one today: Cause Marketing: H2Orange bottled water launch.

I invite you to check out my Tumblr blog as well. Each day I pick a few items out of the dozens (sometimes 100+) that I read and post them using the Tumblr bookmarklet (probably my favorite social media tool ever). Several people have told me they find this blog helpful for getting up-to-date with the ever-changing world of social media and social networking, without spending hours and hours searching and reading.

Many thanks to those who have wondered where I was and to those who have poked and prodded me to get back to “serious” blogging. I heard you; I’m just stubborn and take my own sweet time doing things.

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