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Wed, Jul 21, 2020

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I’ve known about this product for a few months and it’s such an exciting idea that it was hard keeping the secret. (But I did!)

As an Austinite since age 3, I’ve grown up in the shadow of the University of Texas tower. I’m also a UT graduate, and a lifelong Longhorns football fan.

H2Orange bottled water photoSo when I found out that the University had licensed a 1:400 scale-model replica of the iconic tower as a container for a bottled water product, I was “hooked” instantly.

It also did not surprise me that the brains behind this idea is Tim McClure, the “M” in Austin’s GSD&M ad agency and the man who created the “Don’t Mess with Texas” campaign — the most successful anti-litter campaign ever. In 2006, the famous battle cry was voted America’s Favorite Advertising Slogan.

photo of Tim McClure, UT President William Powers Jr., and Steve Gurasich

Tim McClure, UT President William Powers Jr., and Steve Gurasich

The tagline for H2Orange (and don’t you just love the name?) is “Drink water. Bleed orange. Fund Scholarships.” Approximately 40 percent of the proceeds from bottled water sales will be used to fund scholarships, and the company hopes to create enough sales to fund $1 million in scholarships annually.

Other investors in the venture, University of Texas graduates all, are are golf legend Ben Crenshaw, business giant Red McCombs and former UT national championship quarterback James Street.

The 16.9-ounce water bottles will go on sale August 25, the first day of classes at UT. The suggested retail price of $1.19 to $1.49 is slightly more expensive than generic brands, but less than premium brands of bottled water.

Environmentalists will be pleased to note that the H2Orange tower bottle is 100 percent recyclable, and carbon credits have been purchased through Green Mountain Energy to offset any environmental impact from the manufacturing and transportation of the bottle. And the water? It’s collected from Texas rain water, and is purified and bottled in Texas.

Every Dot Connects’ long-time advisor and friend Brenda Thompson is handling publicity and media relations for the launch of H2Orange purified Texas water. For more information, contact Brenda Thompson Communications, (512) 461-5644, or email

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  1. Brenda Thompson Says:

    Hi Connie, thanks so much for blogging about H2Orange. I came to you for advice early on about the launch of the project, as we are counting in social media in a huge way to get the word out to Texas Exes and University of Texas fans around the state (and beyond-as at some point the water will be available for purchase online. We are getting calls from Hawaii, Oklahoma, Arkansas, etc.!) Your help was invaluable and we are grateful to have you as a friend and fan of H2Orange!

  2. Connie Reece Says:

    Brenda, it is always a treat brainstorming with you, and this H2Orange project really caught my imagination. I’m not surprised you’re hearing from so many different locations — you know that Texas Exes around the world are going to want in on the H2Orange fun!