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6 ways to improve your destination marketing (and why you’re toast if you don’t)

12. May 2009


(This is an Open Letter guest post from travel expert Tim Leffel, who wants to help public relations (PR) and marketing folks who are stumbling around in the dark regarding Web-based tourism development.  Anyone who still deals with a recalcitrant boss about these issues, even if you aren’t in travel and tourism, will find something [...]

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New eBook: Marketing in 2009

16. January 2009


Valeria Maltoni is one of the very few people for whom, if she said, “Jump!” I’d respond, “How high?” A couple of weeks ago she asked me to jump, so I did. I’m very honored to be one of the 12 marketing bloggers she invited to make a contribution to an eBook called Marketing in 2009. Our [...]

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Mansion of Terror - Halloween Social Media Style

22. October 2008


In the continued blurring of the lines between content creators serving as “new media”, public relations professionals, mainstream media and the combination of all of the above, I was given press credentials and a media kit for an excellent haunted house here in Austin. In keeping with the interactive nature of social media, I was [...]

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We’re New Daddy Bloggers

19. September 2008

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Chris Brogan has another project. How does he do it? Dad-O-Matic goes live today. I was honored to be asked to join a group of great bloggers and, more importantly, really great people who also happen to be dads or have something to share about dads. Please visit the new site and comment, especially on my [...]

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Is Your PR Firm Social Media Savvy?

14. August 2008


Note: The following article originally appeared in the May issue of the Marketing Watchdog Journal. A recent post by Mike Volpe of Hubspot on the role of PR firms reminded me I had not published it here. While most business executives have never heard the term social media, PR and advertising agencies are adopting it [...]

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