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Ford Uses Facebook to Reveal 2011 Explorer

27. July 2010


I was raised on General Motors cars; that was my father’s choice of wheels. My first car was a Cadillac-an 8-year-old one that my dad, an automobile dealer, bought for my 16th birthday. it was a behemoth V8 gas guzzler, and I loved to drive it. My current car is a 2002 Ford Focus wagon [...]

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World Sjogren’s Day

23. July 2010


Please indulge this off-topic post. It’s an important day for me personally, World Sjogren’s Day. Sjogren’s (pronounced “show-grins”) is a chronic autoimmune disorder that causes white blood cells to attack the body’s moisture-producing glands. Some four million Americans, 90 percent of them women, are living with Sjogren’s. I’m one of them. There is no cure. Symptoms [...]

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Travel and Tourism Meet Social Media

4. September 2009


My friends Sheila Scarborough and Becky McCray are about to launch a membership site where travel and tourism professionals can learn all about social media. If you’re in destination marketing, you couldn’t be in better hands. These two ladies are true experts-and they are both great teachers. Don’t wait until the September 9 launch. Surf [...]

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Tips for South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) from a local

7. March 2009


It’s that time of year again, when the tech universe is abuzz with the digital creative delights of the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) conference in Austin, Texas. Since I live in the Austin metro area and this is my third “South by,” I thought I’d update last year’s post on why SXSWi is like [...]

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Social Media Gives Patients a Voice in Health Care

4. March 2009


Here’s the background, an AP story I read in the Chicago Tribune: “Doctor [sic] try legal restraints on patients to prevent online criticism.” (Hat tip, @ColonelTribune on Twitter) For a fee, a company called Medical Justice will provide doctors with a standardized waiver form. Patients who sign the form agree not to post any online [...]

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