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Don’t let your business make this basic mistake online

22. April 2009


I see it over and over again. In between the squawking about how blogs are already passe and how Twitter is going mainstream, there is a fundamental Old School operating concept of the Web and social media that is routinely ignored by many organizations, mostly through what I suspect is simple lack of knowledge and fear [...]

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Five in the Morning

12. February 2009


For those of you who know I am the farthest thing possible from a morning person, the title refers to a series Steve Woodruff (@swoodruff) created on his Sticky Figure blog. Through the magic of advanced scheduling, my contribution to Five in the Morning will indeed arrive with your morning coffee-while I am still happily [...]

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Shaking the social media tree in the tourism business

30. January 2009

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I’m doing some writing and marketing work for the travel site UpTake; in addition to hosting my Carnival of Cities blog carnival periodically on their Attractions blog, I’ll be covering travel industry social media topics on the UpTake Travel Industry blog. To get started with a bit of a bang, I wrote two posts this week [...]

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Celebrating Women Bloggers: The W List

14. August 2007


Many thanks to both Liz Strauss and Drew McLellan for adding my name to The W List, a celebration of women bloggers. I found it especially interesting that the announcement of this list coincided with my partner Mike Chapman’s post about the dearth of women bloggers at major events like Yearly Kos. I’d like to call [...]

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Links for 05-31-07

31. May 2007


Linkworthy Video: Wikis in Plain English In just under four minutes, Lee LeFever at Common Craft explains what a wiki is and how to create one — using plain English and simple drawings. Demonstrates the superiority of a wiki over e-mail for organizing and storing information and communication during project collaboration. Communication Overtones: Behind the Scenes: Anatomy of [...]

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