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Swag Bag 2.0

13. April 2009


As a member of UpTake’s Marketing Board, I wrote an UpTake Travel Industry blog post on the advantages of getting information about your product or service (not necessarily just tourism-related ones, either) into the hands of travelers who use social media tools…. Smart marketing with giveaways 2.0 In it, I describe and link to some of the [...]

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Is your communications strategy stuck here?

28. February 2009


Do you know what these are? They were the height of communications convenience at one time. They were everywhere. Everyone knew how to use them. Now, they’re seen less and less, and most folks chuckle a bit when they spot one. The communications world has passed them by. Did they see it coming? I’ll bet they didn’t. Pulse [...]

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Interactive Austin 2009

21. February 2009

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I’ve been remiss in letting our readers know where to find Mike Chapman now that he is no longer part of the Every Dot Connects team. In addition to writing for The Squared Root, Mike is helping FGSquared promote Interactive Austin 2009, a great interactive marketing and social media event coming up in April. Mike [...]

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Shaking the social media tree in the tourism business

30. January 2009

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I’m doing some writing and marketing work for the travel site UpTake; in addition to hosting my Carnival of Cities blog carnival periodically on their Attractions blog, I’ll be covering travel industry social media topics on the UpTake Travel Industry blog. To get started with a bit of a bang, I wrote two posts this week [...]

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New eBook: Marketing in 2009

16. January 2009


Valeria Maltoni is one of the very few people for whom, if she said, “Jump!” I’d respond, “How high?” A couple of weeks ago she asked me to jump, so I did. I’m very honored to be one of the 12 marketing bloggers she invited to make a contribution to an eBook called Marketing in 2009. Our [...]

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