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Put a fork in it, the press release is (almost) dead

27. September 2008


This afternoon, it hit me….I can’t imagine, under most circumstances, paying $400 to send out a press release anymore. Sure, I know that I could also send one out for $80 - $360, but I still can’t see doing that very often. It has become a last resort, not a first choice. I have a couple of newsworthy [...]

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Join Me at Marketing Profs Digital Mixer

4. September 2008


As a longtime subscriber of Marketing Profs, I’m very happy to be speaking at one of their upcoming conferences — Digital Marketing Mixer in Phoenix, AZ — and to extend to our EDC readers a discount code for substantial savings off the registration price. Just click the graphic to the right when you’re ready [...]

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The Grand Opening of our Facebook Storefront

8. August 2008


We’ve been doing some interesting work here lately at Every Dot Connects, including some entry-level “Web 2.0 Tools” workshops that introduce both solo entrepreneurs and businesses to social media tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, Facebook, etc. (Our next workshop is an all-day Blogging Blitz scheduled for September 17 in Austin - the info/registration page on Eventbrite [...]

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Plurkshop on Social Media Measurement

11. July 2008


On Plurk, a newer microblogging/presence app, we have been having a series of “plurkshops,” an online DIY workshop where we start a topic and discuss it in real time, effectively turning Plurk into a chat room. This has been peer-to-peer knowledge sharing at its best. Some plurkshops have yielded over 600 comments in two hours, [...]

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Think Twitter is silly? Look what it just did….

3. July 2008


We get this question a lot at Every Dot Connects — “What the heck is Twitter, and how can something that sounds so goofy possibly do anything useful?” Today, many people in Austin, Texas saw firsthand what Twitter can do with a few dedicated people and a great idea. It was the inaugural Austin Blood Drive Tweetup, [...]

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