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Media Snacks, Part 2

28. October 2007


Yesterday I posted an update to my post, Got the Munchies? Have a Media Snack. I tagged Drew McLellan after the fact, when I discovered his recent post about providing a steady stream of snack-sized messages. Now I’m tagging yet another person-one who, I’m sure, will make an interesting contribution on the topic-Valeria Maltoni, the Conversation [...]

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Eight Random Things About Me

20. July 2007


Fellow Age of Conversation co-author Greg Verdino, Chief Strategy Officer at crayon, tagged me for the current meme: Eight Random Things About Me. I’m not sure I can hold your attention for that long, but here goes . . . 1. Although I’m an SOB, I’m a lot shorter than Liz Strauss. A lot. 2. My 83-year-old [...]

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Productivity: Snooze It or Lose It

9. May 2007


My first thought when Carolyn Manning tagged me to write a contribution to The Ultimate Guide to Productivity was, “Who, me? The Princess of Procrastination?” We writers can be some of the most unproductive people on the planet — or at least it seems that way sometimes. Even when we’re not in full-blown frantic, deadline-inspired, caffeine-gulping, [...]

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