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Blogging Basics: Getting traffic, readers and attention for your blog

6. May 2009


I discussed writing good content and posting consistently for a decent amount of time in the first Every Dot Connects Blogging Basics post - How to start a blog, and whether you’ll ever make money from it. The next obvious question is, “How do I get anyone to read my blog?” It may surprise you to learn [...]

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Blogging Basics: How to start a blog, and whether you’ll ever make money from it

29. April 2009


Thinking of starting a blog? Already started one and wondering when you’ll rake in the Big Bucks? I’m going to lay it out for you…. Here’s some advice I gave to a journalist who wanted to start a parenting blog, but since people ask me the same questions all the time, I thought I’d back up from [...]

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Escaping the geek bubble at Austin’s Metropolitan Breakfast Club

9. March 2009


“Birds of a feather….” Connie and I do realize that when you spend a lot of time around the feathered tribe of tech-savvy folks (thereby miraculously becoming two of Austin’s Social Media Mavens) it can be easy to forget that not everyone’s world revolves around LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogging, aka “the tech-o chamber.” As my teen [...]

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Quick-launch tips for LinkedIn

11. February 2009


My first piece of advice is that you DON’T want to “quick-launch” on LinkedIn; do it slowly and deliberately and do it right the first time. What? You say you’ve just been laid off, or there’s some other career crisis, and you didn’t “dig your [networking] well before you’re thirsty?” OK, it happens. In our Every Dot Connects social [...]

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Better networking on LinkedIn

30. November 2008

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I always enjoy writing for the Marketing Watchdog Journal, published by Austin-based Bulldog Solutions (see my March 2008 piece about how to build a blog that draws a crowd.) Connie Reece stops into Bulldog as well; check out her article about whether your PR team is social media savvy. The latest Every Dot Connects offering in the [...]

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