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The Future of Public Relations and Social Media

16. August 2010


Public relations specialists were some of the first people to embrace the power of social media, and as a result they are often the ones leading the way in the social space, whether they are consulting with clients from an agency point of view or strategizing on an in-house PR team. In the past decade, [...]

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Cause Marketing: H2Orange bottled water launch

21. July 2010


I’ve known about this product for a few months and it’s such an exciting idea that it was hard keeping the secret. (But I did!) As an Austinite since age 3, I’ve grown up in the shadow of the University of Texas tower. I’m also a UT graduate, and a lifelong Longhorns football fan. So [...]

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6 ways to improve your destination marketing (and why you’re toast if you don’t)

12. May 2009


(This is an Open Letter guest post from travel expert Tim Leffel, who wants to help public relations (PR) and marketing folks who are stumbling around in the dark regarding Web-based tourism development.  Anyone who still deals with a recalcitrant boss about these issues, even if you aren’t in travel and tourism, will find something [...]

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Blogging Basics: Getting traffic, readers and attention for your blog

6. May 2009


I discussed writing good content and posting consistently for a decent amount of time in the first Every Dot Connects Blogging Basics post - How to start a blog, and whether you’ll ever make money from it. The next obvious question is, “How do I get anyone to read my blog?” It may surprise you [...]

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Don’t let your business make this basic mistake online

22. April 2009


I see it over and over again. In between the squawking about how blogs are already passe and how Twitter is going mainstream, there is a fundamental Old School operating concept of the Web and social media that is routinely ignored by many organizations, mostly through what I suspect is simple lack of knowledge and [...]

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