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Raise Funds, Raise Awareness: Effective Use of Social Media

16. February 2011


It was my privilege today to speak to the Texas Council on Family Violence Executive Directors’ Conference. TCFV is a statewide organization representing a network of domestic violence programs that provide direct services to victims and their families. Here are the slides from my presentation. Raise Funds, Raise Awareness (Social Media) View more presentations from [...]

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BlogWorld slides

14. October 2010

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How to Survive a Snark Attack View more presentations from Connie Reece.

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Social Media Marketing GPS: Twitter Tactics - American Marketing Association

17. August 2010


The link below is to a podcast I recorded for the AMA’s series on Toby Bloomberg‘s book, written completely on Twitter. While the book was written one tweet at a time, it’s not just about Twitter; the book covers all aspects of social media marketing. Listen to the podcast here: Social Media Marketing GPS: Twitter [...]

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Does Your Church Use New Media?

28. July 2010


A short update I sent yesterday  sparked a small conversation on Twitter and inspired a blog post by Heather Rast, Market Where Your Audiences Are. I tweeted this after receiving this text message from Jon Johnson, pastor of my church: Please don’t forget this Sunday is Food Pantry Sunday. Food is running low and we [...]

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Ford Uses Facebook to Reveal 2011 Explorer

27. July 2010


I was raised on General Motors cars; that was my father’s choice of wheels. My first car was a Cadillac-an 8-year-old one that my dad, an automobile dealer, bought for my 16th birthday. it was a behemoth V8 gas guzzler, and I loved to drive it. My current car is a 2002 Ford Focus wagon [...]

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