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5. October 2009


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Reclaiming Twitter

24. June 2009


Yesterday, I did something that runs counter to my standard recommendation for clients: I locked my Twitter updates. My move to privacy was one of desperation, not desire. Twitter has experienced phenomenal growth in recent months. Unfortunately, a large part of that growth is due to an influx of self-proclaimed social media gurus, affiliate marketers [...]

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Twitter: Blogchat on Sunday nights

26. April 2009


For a few weeks now, Mack Collier, author of one of my favorite marketing blogs, The Viral Garden, has been hosting a “chat” on Twitter using the hashtag #blogchat. My favorite way to follow the conversation is to use TweetChat, a tool developed by Brooks Bennett. TweetChat turns a hashtag into a chat room, separating [...]

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A different breed: what to expect from bloggers

14. April 2009


I’m getting ready to leave on a press/media trip to Hutchinson, Kansas;  several of the city’s public relations and marketing folks decided that bloggers and wired writers offer a different way to get the word out about their destination. My travel-related posts will be over on my Family Travel blog and the Perceptive Travel blog, [...]

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Swag Bag 2.0

13. April 2009


As a member of UpTake‘s Marketing Board, I wrote an UpTake Travel Industry blog post on the advantages of getting information about your product or service (not necessarily just tourism-related ones, either) into the hands of travelers who use social media tools…. Smart marketing with giveaways 2.0 In it, I describe and link to some [...]

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