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Teaching the teachers: what we’ve learned from our social media workshops

11. January 2009


In June 2008, after a lot of talks with Connie Reece, reflection time at the SOBCon conference and great advice from both Small Biz Survival’s Becky McCray and Successful Blog’s Liz Strauss, we began to teach a series of entry-level Every Dot Connects social media workshops. Connie, Jennifer Navarrete and I knew that we had a [...]

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Plurkshop on Social Media Measurement

11. July 2008


On Plurk, a newer microblogging/presence app, we have been having a series of “plurkshops,” an online DIY workshop where we start a topic and discuss it in real time, effectively turning Plurk into a chat room. This has been peer-to-peer knowledge sharing at its best. Some plurkshops have yielded over 600 comments in two hours, [...]

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Connect with Us in July

30. June 2008


Wow, is it ever turning out to be a busy social media summer here in Austin. One thing’s for sure — you’ll know where to find us if you want to connect with the Every Dot Connects team. Here’s what we’re up to in July: July 3 ~ Social Networking Blood Drive Mike and Connie will be [...]

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Learn Five Web 2.0 Tools in One Day

22. May 2008


Don’t get us wrong - we love being communications techno-geeks here at Every Dot Connects. Still, much of our time is spent offline in the temporal/”real” world, where folks are still figuring out fundamental social media stuff like blogging. They’re plenty smart, they just haven’t had the time or expertise to really dig into Web [...]

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